Renewable Energy And Its Various Forms

Do you want to know about renewable energy and its various forms? If yes, you have come to the right place. This blog post will give you valuable information on renewable energies and various types of renewable energies. Read through this page to get a fair idea of different types of renewable energies and their uses. Before we proceed to discuss about various forms of renewable energies, let us have a brief idea on renewable energy. The energy that comes from different natural resources such as sunlight, rain, wind, geothermal heat, tide, etc. is known as renewable energy.

There are several types of renewable energy, and the interesting part is that the sunlight is the source of most of these renewable energies. Some of the most popular types of renewable energies are solar energy, wind power energy, hydroelectric energy, hydrogen and fuel cell energies, biomass energy, and geothermal power.

Solar Energy: This type of energy rests on the ‘nuclear fusion power’ that comes from the Sun’s core. You can collect and convert this energy in several ways. This energy type can be collected by the method of solar water heating. Solar collectors are used for this collection. This energy is also used for domestic purpose and you can use solar attic fans to collect the energy. Electrical energy is also formed by directly converting the sunlight using photovoltaic cells and boilers and mirrors.

Wind Power: It is another form of renewable energy and it is used for generating electricity and pumping water. However, this energy requires an extensive areal coverage for the production of significant amounts of power.

Hydroelectric Energy: There is a difference of opinion in regarding this energy under the ‘totally renewable energies’ because reservoirs need some costly excavations to turn into the useful source of this energy. However, this is considered as a renewable energy and in the developed countries this energy is used.

Geothermal Power: Some areas of the world contain high geothermal gradient and this is enough for generating electricity. However, due to some technical problems the utility of this energy is limited.

Earth Energy: It is also a type of renewable energy. Though this energy cannot be utilized for the production of electricity, but it can lessen the requirements of other types of power for maintaining comfortable temperatures in houses and buildings. The interesting part is that you can use this energy through heat pumps for cooling your buildings in summer and heating them in winter.

Biomass Energy: It is possibly one of the most common types of renewable energies. This energy comes from plants. However, there is also a bad side of this energy. It results in making air unhealthy. It is because of the carbon dioxide gases that are released into the atmosphere while burning tress for warmth and cooking.

Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells Energy: These energies are highly available and do not contribute to pollution like biomass. And these energies are used widely. Modern methods of producing hydrogen also contribute to the frequent use of these energies.