All About Solar Powered Cars

Through the years, man has learned that he can harness nature for various needs. Man gets food from its surrounding such as the sea and the forests. Man gets clothing from animals, and shelter from materials found in his environs. Indeed man depends a lot on his environment for his basic needs. One of the most powerful sources of life in the planet is the sun. All living things depend on the sun — in terms of getting the needed heat to procreate and survive. The sun is also a source of energy. The sun emits light referred to as solar energy which has been harnessed for a lot of purposes. Solar energy has been tapped for heating systems as well as thermal power plants.

While the idea of cars running through the power provided by solar energy was once a novel one, many researchers are moving closer to the reality of making solar powered vehicles commercially successful. There are a lot of obvious benefits from having solar powered cars. First, this is a renewable source of energy. Unlike fossil based fuels which are finite, solar energy is infinite. It means that there are virtually no costs involved in the production of solar energy, compared to fossil based fuels.

There have been solar powered cars before. These cars have been made since the middle part of the 19th century. Due to the clamor for new sources of energy, these cars have increased in numbers in recent years. There are some organizations that promote the use of solar powered cars by holding car racing events annually. These events have garnered enough public attention that there are even people who invest and bet on these cars.

How do these cars work? Simple. There are batteries installed in these cars, which charge the solar energy. The energy would then be converted into electrical energy that makes the engine run.

These cars seem to work smoothly, but in reality there are still loopholes in the technology. While solar energy is abundant, it does not guarantee that the energy is enough to make the cars drive at a fast pace. The cars run at a very protracted rate, a reason why the technology remains unexploited. The road needs to be leveled since the cars would require more energy to pass through it. More powerful batteries with larger storage capacities are also required to run these cars.